Welcome to the Mariendom

  • Altar (c) Marienwallfahrt Neviges
  • Krypta Rose (c) Marienwallfahrt Neviges
  • Pilgerhaus mit Dom (c) Marienwallfahrt Neviges
  • Rose (c) Marienwallfahrt Neviges
  • Altarraum (c) Marienwallfahrt Neviges

The Mariendom is the second largest cathedral of the Archdiocese of Cologne and is under the patronage of Mary, Queen of Peace. The cathedral was built in 1968 by architect Gottfried Böhm. Pilgrims come to Neviges since 1681 to worship the picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which you can find in the back of the church.

You are cordially invited to attend any of our Masses or devotions. The cathedral is also open for silent prayer and personal devotion. Feel free to explore the cathedral on your own and at your own pace. Please make sure to maintain peace and quiet in the church.